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Don’t wait for spring – winter clean!

winter clean, spring cleaning, organization, decluttering

Most of us grew up hearing about, or participating in, “spring cleaning.” Everything outside is fresh and new, so why not your house too? The problem I have with deep cleaning, organizing, and household projects in the spring is that it’s not what I want to be doing that

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Constructive Thoughtfulness for the Future

charitable giving, cleaning, home organization, housekeeping, life challenges, Routines, shine, future

As I write my last post for 2015, many thoughts flood my mind … reflections on this year, memories from prior holidays, dreams and goals for the upcoming year, and on it goes. I try not to get too far ahead of myself in setting goals for

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What’s your deal-breaker?

deal-breaker, cleaning, help for home, home organization, housekeeping, life challenges, reduce stress, Routines, shine

Sharing another secret today … I’m okay with a little bit of clutter around the house! I’m a firm believer that each and every one of us has a deal-breaker, that one thing that we just can’t live with in our homes. For me, it’s dirt. Walking across the

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The Monster Called Laundry

Laundry Monster, organization, shine, straighten your paths, declutter, cleaning your home, housekeeping

Laundry in a house with six people is quite a job! Just one outfit per day, per person makes a large pile. Add sheets and towels, workout clothes, sports practice clothes and uniforms, swimsuits and those giant beach towels – WOW! There are, I’m sure, many laundry

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Order in the Fort

cleaning, order, help for home, home organization, housekeeping, life challenges, reduce stress, Routines

Have you ever said “never” or “never again” and had it come back to haunt you? Maybe more than a few times? It’s often said with the best of intentions, however, the “never” will without a doubt present itself again when old habits die hard. In the organizing

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How To Keep An Orderly Home

stay-at-home, orderly home, cleaning, help for home, home organization, housekeeping, life challenges, reduce stress, shine

In case you missed it, last month we had the privilege of joining Suzy in her lovely home to assist with spring-cleaning and identify ways to bring additional order to her well maintained home. Suzy left the corporate world and now splits her time between taking care

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Why Shine?

charitable giving, help for home, home organization, housekeeping, life challenges, Patty Robertson, reduce stress, shine housekeeping organization des moines iowa

It was 2003 when Straighten Your Paths was officially formed, and I remember thinking, would there be enough of a need for this unique business to succeed? Today, and 12 years later, the resounding answer is not simply yes, but heck yes. In fact, there is now

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